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We are TalinoEV Management Systems

Engineering in Connecticut, USA; Markets in the World’s Dense Megacities, Initial Market Field Operations in Manila, Philippines.

Hardware | Software Design

TALINOev designs and architects smart, digital devices for workhorse electric vehicles.

Global Emerging Markets

Our products are designed to bring cutting-edge, smart technologies to the 99%


By serving fast growing emerging markets, our products are can more easily move the needle in CleanTech

Social Entrepreneurship

Not only are our products profitable, but they also increase livelihood incomes.

TalinoEV is...FinTech

  • Think: “M-Pesa”, not Bitcoin
  • Enables Alternative Lending Capabilities
  • Payments and Digital Currency
  • Mobile Transaction Platform
  • Financing Model Play
  • De-risked Lending through Cloud Control
  • Aggregated Cashflow Portfolio

TalinoEV is...Internet of Things

  • Real-time Sensors Analyze Battery Health
  • Automatically Diagnose Malfunctions
  • Remote Troubleshooting Reduces Operating Costs
  • Maintenance Model becomes “Predict and Prevent” (Not, “Repair and Replace”)
  • Lower Operating Down Time
  • New Customer Interactions
  • Lost/Stolen EV Tracking and Geo-locating
  • Usage-based, Pay-per-use EV Pricing

TalinoEV is...The On-Demand Economy

  • Hyper-local Delivery Light / Ultralight Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Enables On-demand “Mobilized” services
  • Remote Polling Triggers Automatic Troubleshooting Messaging
  • Pay-Per-Use Technology Lowers Upfront Acquisition Costs

TalinoEV is...Cloud Services

  • Internet of Things (IoT) play
  • Hardware-enabled Software
  • Cloud-based Remote Monitoring
  • Rules-Based Use Authorization
  • Remotely controls Smart, Advanced Battery Packs
  • Sensor-driven EV control
  • Vehicle Remote-kill; Vehicle Geo-location Enabled

TalinoEV is...Advanced Battery Technologies

  • Vehicle-Grade Lithium Ion Advanced Battery Technology
  • Smart, Digital Hardware
  • Cloud-controlled Payment EV Use-Authorization
  • Proprietary Algorithms for Battery Balancing and Protection

TalinoEV is...Marketplaces

  • The On-Demand Economy
  • Closed Transaction Business Loop
  • Manage the Payment Processes via the cloud
  • Enables the “Retail Electricity Resale” market

TalinoEV is...Global Emerging Markets

  • The Global Rising Middle Class
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • CleanTech Cities / Smart Cities

TalinoEV is...Electric Vehicle Technology

  • Vehicle-Grade Lithium-ion Business Platform
  • Machine-2-Machine / Internet of Things Technology
  • Pre-Paid / Pay-Per-Use Business Model
  • Optimized for the 99%

Our Story

TalinoEV Management Systems Inc., is an engineering and wireless business platform company.  We design hardware and the accompanying systems that allow the 99% to access what they thought they could not: Tesla-like advanced battery technology. We are based in the coastal town of  Stamford, Connecticut, U. S. A.  We started in 2013, filed our first two patents that same year, and got to work.  We created the designs and eventually manufactured the first digital Battery Management Systems (BMS) optimized for the pounding of intense-use Public Transportation EVs in the tropics. We chose the world’s dense megacities as our target market because we felt that selling a few thousands of Teslas would not move the needle in terms of climate change, but a few hundred million ultralight electric motorcycle taxis (called tuktuks or tricycles), would.

Our Initial Market: Manila

The initial market for our electric vehicle technology is Manila, Philippines. This is where the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has initiated an effort to build a regional electric vehicle manufacturing industry.  It likewise set aside a $500,000,000 facility to support this effort. It is clear why there is an incentive to grow the EV market, especially in the dense megacities (>10,000,000 population) where rising middle class incomes is allowing billions to purchase personal transportation (read: motorcycles) for the first time.  These billions need to commute to work or school daily, and therefore need public transportation – especially the first / last-mile kind.  Because millions of these middle income folk live away from the main arteries of bus and train transportation.  Streets are narrow and population density is high: 6-22-2015 9-36-058 It is into this market opportunity that TalinoEV has set its sights.  If there were a way to deliver high technology, clean, electric vehicles to the billions of people who  need them daily, we would be able to solve both a business and a societal problem. .

  • Electric Vehicle Management Technologies 95%
  • Advanced Battery Hardware and System Management 70%
  • Hardware Design and Architecture 80%
  • Internet of Things / M2M 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Cloud | Network Systems Design 45%
  • Wireless Payment Systems 80%
Henry Abreu

Henry Abreu

Technology Chief

Henry is Founder, Chief  Technology Officer and CEO of TALINOev. His background is in hardware, software and systems architecture.  Notable inventions in telecoms and advanced battery management. University of the Philippines, BS Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude; University of Pennsylvania, MS Electrical Engineering
Neil Mercado

Neil Mercado

Testing and Assembly

Neil is a Telecoms and Systems Engineer, with main responsibility for the hardware assembly, testing and deployment of TALINOev’s smart, digital systems. This includes our cloud-based gateway network and smart, digital Battery Management Systems.  BS Electrical Engineering, Technological Institute of the Philippines.
Val Dickens

Val Dickens


Val is VP for Finance. She has more than 20 years of senior‐level financial management experience. With extensive experience with GE Capital, Rockefeller & Co and Deloitte Tax LLP among others, she has in‐depth expertise in areas of tax compliance, research and financial management/analysis.

Neville Mair

Neville Mair

Hardware and Software Design

Neville is Senior Engineer at TALINOev, specializing in hardware design. Nev has majored in Embedded Devices and Operating Systems Masters in Computer Science (MSCS) and  BS Computer Science both from Sacred Heart University, where his Majored in Operating Systems, Networks and Embedded (Software) Programming
Vincent Tarroja

Vincent Tarroja


Vincent is VP for Business Development and Operations. As senior management for Colgate-Palmolive Inc. (New York), San Miguel USA, Seafood City and Filservices Inc. (key U.S. partner for Globe and PLDT), he has managed all facets of start-ups, commercial operations and business expansion.